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Culligan's Way

My new Lowcountry mystery thriller, Culligan's Way is completed, and editing is almost done. Soliciting agents is next. Take a look at the back cover blurb. This one is a wild ride!

In the Culligan clan, love and protection are served with a heaping side of treachery.

Desolate and alone after succumbing to severe Covid, TIM CULLIGAN returns to his boyhood home at Culligan’s Way in Pawleys Island, South Carolina and faces the family he abandoned and forever swore off. Waiting for him is his powerful father, JUDGE RUDY CULLIGAN, his loving but unstable mother RUTH, an abusive older brother, and two sisters — one hot-tempered, one rebellious. Although heartened by his warm welcome home, Tim soon finds himself embroiled in controversy, scandal, betrayal, and a murder that strikes at the heart of the Culligan household.

Suddenly, every Culligan is a suspect in the brutal killing which occurs on their property. As the case hurtles towards a culminating trial, all six Culligans face different crises, each of their own making. All cards are off the table as Tim struggles to find his new identity, while keeping pace with his family’s laundry list of lies, deceit, vengeance, and justice — all done Culligan’s way.

Culligan’s Way is a fast paced, 105,000 word novel combining the best features of Southern dysfunctional family fiction, a murder mystery that keeps the reader guessing, and a killer suspense thriller. It offers shades of The Prince of Tides family lunacy blended with an Agatha Christie worthy who-done-it, all in a ubiquitous Southern beach setting.

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